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Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful Companies by Focusing on Value

Do you struggle with:

  • Prioritization and Time Management? 🕒 When everything is important, nothing is.
  • Delegation and/or Teamwork? 🤝You can’t do it all yourself, even when it seems like it would be faster.
  • Self-Promotion? 📣 Business growth is much harder if people don’t know you and your business.
  • Adapting to Change? 🔄 Entrepreneurship sometimes feels like one big, carefully timed pivot.

Why Coaching?

protect your time & energy

Introverts need time to recharge to have the energy to keep going. I give you the tools to identify your priorities.

You Can Do Hard Things

Building your product/service, raising funds, or leading your team each comes with challenges—and you are likely doing them all at the same time. I help you work through those challenges, one at a time. 

Start Small (Talk) 

Introverts hate small talk. We like big, bold discussions. But sometimes, especially as leaders building a thriving company with a healthy culture, we have no choice. There are tricks to making it easier, even for introverts. 

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I get it:
building a business 
is hard.

The long days and longer nights, constantly pushing yourself to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, can be overwhelming. It's worse when we try to keep up with the "hustle culture" that tells us we should always be doing more. The truth is, maintaining that pace does more harm than good.
Balancing the work with rest and self-care is vital, especially for introverts. No one can it everything by themselves and recognizing that we have to do things differently is a sign of strength. 
You’re exhausted. Something has to change. Will that be how you’re wired or how you work? 

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Jodi is amazing. Under the guidance of her goals coaching, I successfully doubled my business and it continues to grow. Jodi never fails to have new ideas when I dig in my heels. Resistance is futile! I'm very grateful for Jodi's support and, frankly, kick-ass, take-no-prisoners style. She has a knack for knowing when to push harder and when to ease up. Above all, she provides honest accountability and is a person I can count on when the going gets rough. Highly recommend!

Kelly Janes
OwlX Collection

Jodi is an incredible business coach. I’ve been working with her to help myself overcome some hurdles that were keeping me from growing my business. I appreciate her low-key style and ability to guide our discussions to allow me figure out what was blocking me, then strategize together how to move forward. Our sessions have been constructive, productive, and valuable. I highly recommend Jodi to anyone seeking business coaching.

Michelle Burke
Mad Dog Designs

Working with Jodi has been an essential part of my journey as a first time, solo founder. Jodi brings empathetic, action oriented, no BS  approach, and blends coaching methodology with her own experience as an entrepreneur. Among many things, Jodi has helped me clarify my vision and goals, become comfortable with calling myself a Founder and think through practical steps like marketing and pricing strategy. Working with Jodi has undoubtedly accelerated the progress of my business.”

Maggie Manion
Kindred and Springboard Community

How It Works

1. Schedule your coaching sessions.

It all starts with a call. If we click, we schedule your package. I start clients at the beginning of each quarter, and we work together for 1 hour a week for 11 weeks. If you're itching to get started outside of those times, we can talk – I make exceptions from time to time.

2. Define your objectives.

What will we talk about each week? Glad you asked. After you work through my goal-setting process, we’ll work together to  create a roadmap for you  to achieve them.

3. Take action.

Each week, we’ll review  your previous week, talk about your challenges, pick one to focus on, and set out your plan for the following week. Do you like homework? Then I’ll give you some. Don’t like it? I won’t.

Hi, I’m Jodi.

AKA: The Introvert Founder

Are you an introverted entrepreneur struggling to achieve your goals without burning yourself out? Do you feel like you're constantly hitting a wall and can't seem to make progress? As an introverted founder myself, I understand the unique challenges that come with building a business while staying true to your values and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That's why I offer coaching services tailored specifically to introverted entrepreneurs like you. Working together, you'll gain clarity on your goals, develop leadership skills, and create a sustainable strategy that allows you to get more done without sacrificing your well-being. Let's work together to bring your vision to life.

The Power of Setting Goals

Packages & Pricing

Navigator’s Collective

Small group coaching. Four people work with me as a group for ten weeks. Learn from each other’s experiences and grow together. Groups are based on similar business stage, not industry. Zoom-based.


Founder’s Compass

One-on-One coaching. We speak once a week for 11 weeks, with email or text follow-ups in between as needed. Individualized to meet your goals. Phone-based.


Captain’s Summit

VIP Day for Leadership Teams. Three to five people on your Leadership Team work with me to identify your individual and collective goals. We then tailor my agile framework to develop a cadence for your team to succeed. In person, at your office.


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